Welcome Letter Example

The following sample is a welcome letter example. You are recommended  to perform modifications on this letter according to your need.

Maria K. Adams
50 Prescient,
Sixth Avenue,
London, UK.
12th October 2013

Subject: Welcoming to the new work place.

Dear Maria

We have written this letter to congratulate you on being appointed the new manager for the communications department of our firm. We found you extremely suitable for this job as per your qualifications and experience. The job profile and description has been provided to you.

We are obliged to welcome you to work with us at our office. The working environment is very professional but at the same time is very peaceful. We operate as one team not separate departments with prime goal of making each of the firms venture a success.
Hope you will also work to the best of your capabilities for achieving this goal. Wishing you all the best for the future endeavors.

With regards
Mark  K. Anderson

Head of the Department
Communications and media
Denga Pvt. Ltd.
London, UK.

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