Thank you letter when recruited for job

The following sample thank you is helpful for a job seeker when he/she is recruited for job and intend to send thanks to employer.Customize this thank you letter template to be suitable for your purpose.

Sara Karmento
22 Tobacco Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Dr. Mark Anderson, Provost
University of Western Carolina
Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Dear Dr. Anderson:

I want to thank you for seeking me out and taking the time to meet with me about the proposed position of Special Assistant to the Provost for Admissions Projects. I am truly excited about this position and the contribution I could make toward working with alumni, high-school teachers, volunteers, faculty, and deans on recruitment, and targeting such potential student populations as nontraditional students, international students, and perhaps others.

My strong support for the University of Western Carolina, along with exceptional communications, organizational, promotional, and marketing skills make me exactly the kind of "value-added" employee who can get this job done for you. You need someone who can target new kinds of student constituencies with innovative marketing skills. I am that person.

My ability to "sell" Western Carolina has many dimensions, as the College of Medicine recently learned when "Dean Harison" contracted with me to rewrite, edit, and polish both the overall School of Medicine accreditation plan and the Nursing Department plan. As you probably know, both documents earned the highest possible ratings from the accrediting bodies, and the college plans to contract with me for the next step in the accreditation documentation process.

My verbal ability to promote Western Carolina was demonstrated with the well-received commencement speech I gave at the fall 2013 commencement. To refresh your memory, I am enclosing a copy of that speech.

My work here at Western Carolina for the several years also speaks well of my ability to promote the university. I currently handle publicity and promotion for the Lacis Museum of Art. I also oversee the administration of the art department. I interact regularly with art majors, potential students, and the ten work-study students I supervise.

My supervisors can unhesitatingly cite my superlative communications and organizational skills, as well as my high energy level. I have built on my past special-events-planning experience by producing regular museum receptions, and other events. As a current Western Carolina employee, I already have the advantage of having established working relationships with many members of the university community, as well as various external constituencies.

Finally, Dr. Anderson, I'm enclosing some ideas I've had for promoting Western Carolina and boosting enrollment. I note well your cautions that "everyone thinks they're an admissions expert." I don't pretend to be one, but I do want you to know that my mind is working on the challenges at hand.

Thank you again for your consideration of me. I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Jack Hamilton
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