School warning letter to parents

Here is a sample student warning letter from school to parents. You are recommended  to perform modifications on this letter according to your purpose.

Date: 5th March 2013

Maria K. Adams
50 Prescient,
Sixth Avenue,
London, UK.
Student Roll No.:
Dear Ms. Maria,

Subject: Final Warning Before Expulsion

This is to inform you that your child Mark has been continually failing to perform in class and does not complete the assignments given to him even after being given more time than the rest of the students in the class. Several warnings were issued to you in the past, but you have failed to heed them, which is evident from the continuous dismal performance by your child.

This is a final warning that is being sent to you by us, an ignorance of which can have serious ramifications, namely expulsion of your child from our school. We have given him enough time to show an improvement and bring forth his true talent, which we are sure he possesses, but which he fails to exhibit.

We expect you to take immediate serious action to help your child improve his performance, and expect to see some positive result by the end of this month (30/3/2013). Our teachers are available for help in this regard should you require any assistance in bringing about a significant improvement in your child’s performance.
Thank you.


James W. Adams
Together for Hope School
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