Sample postponement letter for meeting

If you wish to know how to write postponement letter . You can use this Postponement Letter format directly as well after doing the required changes for your status.

Ms/Mr. (Name of the recipient)
March 10, 2014
Subject: postponement of meeting

Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

I am writing this letter is to inform you that meeting of managers of  the company as planed on March 20, 2014 is postponed indefinitely  till the new date is agreed  upon  which will be intimated  to you at the earliest.

 The postponement of meeting has to be done as both the sides couldn’t come out with any common point of understanding in the under managerial meet held on date ________. The members couldn’t agree on most of the matters of discussion. This has forced to terminate the meeting till further understanding is reached on the matter discussed or under discussion.

We would be like you think over the suggestions given by us so that point of agreement is reached soon, until then the meeting remains cancelled and postponed.

We expect you to communicate with us at the earliest possible to break the deadlock.


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