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6665 Pine Circle, Olympia, WA 98506 -  Phone: 420-555-3368 -  Email:

April 5, 2013
Betty Caldwell
Olympia Arts Council
998 Pineapple Ave NE
Olympia, WA 98506

Dear Ms. Caldwell:

I was very excited when I read in "The Olympian" that you plan to install murals in all the public areas of the" Eastwood Mall" and plan to hire a full-time muralist for the project’s duration. What a wonderful idea! I am graduating from "Evergreen State College" in six weeks and would like to be considered for the muralist position.

I will graduate with a management degree and an art minor. I have painted several murals in private homes, as well as assisting in a mural project for the "Pine Glen Retirement Home". I can offer you the advantage not only of a talented artist, but a well-trained and disciplined one. My work recently was chosen Best in Show in my university’s juried student art exhibition.

My professors have praised my ability to originate new ideas and communicate them graphically. In mural painting, the ability to interpret rough sketches and verbal instructions to produce creative art works is paramount, and those who have commissioned my murals have cited that ability in me. I possess the ability to
visualize and evaluate finished products, weigh aesthetic alternatives, and make tasteful choices. My painting classes have provided me with a firm grasp of the painting processes, budget limitations, and best tools, materials, and techniques for mural painting.

I am confident that my designs will align with community tastes. I have some ideas for creating murals that capture events in local history, depicting little known details and the flavor of local lore.

Please allow me the opportunity to show you my portfolio of photos of my mural projects, as well as of my many student art projects. I will contact the "Arts Council" office next week to arrange a time to meet.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position.

Sandra Roberts
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