Resignation letter expressing gratitude Sample

We have here a sample resignation letter showing immediate gratitude to company or organization. You have to customize this resignation letter template according to your need.

April 1, 2013
Mark S. Anderson
Company Name
Company Address

Dear Mr. Anderson,

This letter is to express my gratitude for all the benefits (company name) has brought to my life. I have gained experience in the business of (whatever the company makes or sells), I have learned how to perform the job well, and I’ve made many friends with whom I hope to keep in contact.

With all this, it has been a hard decision for me to accept a new post, in a different line of business. But there come times in everyone’s life when a change is for the better: This is one of those times. Therefore, please accept this as my resignation, effective April 15.

I will of course leave my current projects as complete as I can.

Jack M. Rogers

Cc: [Name of HR supervisor]
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