Request a refund or reimbursement sample letter

Here we have three sample letters to request refund or reimbursement sample letter. It is recommended that you change the content of these letters in order to meet your purpose

Sample 1: Request a refund or reimbursement sample letter

TO : Mark J. Roberts  
Chief Treasury Operations Officer II
Regional Director

SUBJECT : Additional Funding For Training And Traveling Expenses
DATE : March 15, 2014

In view of the approved attendance of Ms. Maria Amkor, Officer-In-Charge of Springfield Treasury Office to the 15th Session of “Benchmarking Financial Governance” per Treasury Personnel Order No. 40-5142 dated March 5, 2014, we would to request for additional release to wit:

Traveling P10,000.00
Training 25,000.00

Your immediate action on the above request is highly appreciated,
Thank you.

Sample 2: Request a refund or reimbursement sample letter
January 1, 2014
Mr. Mark  Roberts
111 Broadway
New York, NY 15503

Dear Mr. Roberts:

Please refund me $20.00. I purchased a voltage regulator that has failed to function as a surge protection system for our computer units. The troubleshooter algorithm in the product manual won’t work, so I am returning the regulator to your nearest outlet to receive refund. I have enclosed the receipt to verify the purchase price. I’ll be expecting a check in the mail within two weeks.

Best regards,
Sara Anderson

Sample 3: Request a refund or reimbursement sample letter
This letter is to notify you that I would like to cancel my membership in the Springfield Chamber for Community School Educators. I am returning the organization pin and card. I have enclosed my receipt for membership dues for the full year, and would appreciate receiving a refund of half of the amount.

Thank you.
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