Letter to referee for first round review

Here is a sample letter to referee for the first round review. Customize this format to be suitable for your need.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

How are you?  I am sure you are busy with many activities right now. However, I hope you could help us review the attached manuscript, entitled ")title of the paper"), that has been submitted for publication in the VIPJournal.  Please let me know whether you are able to take on this task as well as whether you can return the attached (Review Form) by (insert date)or earlier. 

Your prompt action will be greatly appreciated by me as well as the authors who are very anxious to know the outcome of the review process. If you have any difficulty in refereeing this manuscript or in meeting the due date of completion, please contact me as soon as possible by e-mail at ( insert email ) so that another referee can be appointed.

For your information, VIPJournal is a refereed journal publishing articles that will present data and theory to help social scientists, business people, educators, and policy makers find answers to their questions.

You may visit )website of the Journal) for more details about VIPJournal.  Please evaluate the quality and contents of the manuscript according to the standards set forth by the Journal.  In particular, please make sure that the paper addresses issues of value to our broad-based audience, and that it cuts through the thick layers of
theory and verbosity for them and makes sense of it all in a clean, cohesive manner.

On behalf of the Editorial Team of the VIPJournal, I thank you very much in
advance for your effort in this endeavor.

Best regards,
Jack Roberts
VIPJournal Editor

Enclosures:  Manuscript and Review Form.

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