Letter to accompany a contribution to a good cause

Now we have a good example of a sample letter to accompany a contribution to a good cause. It is recommended that you change the content of this letter in order to meet your purpose

February 10, 2014
Mr. Mark K. Roberts 
123 Broadway
New York, NY 20010

Dear Mr. Roberts,

In memory of my deceased father, Abraham Anderson, our family wishes to donate $20,000 towards the construction of your new children’s library.

Throughout his years, father stressed the significance of education and reading to all of his children and grandchildren. We believe that this is what he would have wanted us to do with the money that he left for charity. Hopefully, his sponsorship will encourage the habit of reading among children by funding the creation of a child-friendly learning atmosphere that includes books, furniture, games, puzzles, and posters. Optimistically, this contribution could subsidize a full year of dynamic library programming and community outreach. Preschoolers can attend story hours, young readers can join library book clubs, teenagers can take part in spirited debates – and that is just the start.

Thank you for helping us honor his memory in this way. Best wishes to you as you complete the building.

Best regards,
Sandra  K. Anderson
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