Healthcare consulting cover letter template

Here is good and simple cover letter for healthcare consulting position. You have to  customize this cover letter template to meet your experience and qualifications.

Maria Roberts
322 N. Lindburgh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 55118 • Cell: 320 -555-2103 • E-mail: Roberts

March 10, 2013
[specific name of recipient]

Dear Mr./Ms.[specific named individual]:

I am highly interested in the practice of healthcare consulting. Through my research, I have learned that Mayfield, Worthington & Metts, Inc., is a leader in this rapidly expanding field. I am particularly interested in the role of a research analyst, in which I can utilize my analytical skills to our mutual benefit.

I recently graduated from St. Louis University, having served an internship at the International Association for World Health. During my internship, I gained valuable knowledge of public health while helping to organize World Health Day. I also participated in the day-to-day operations of a nongovernmental organization, including budget management and maintaining client relations. This position piqued my interest in research, as well as the business aspects of running an organization more efficiently.

In addition, my coursework has enhanced my statistical analysis skills, which are crucial to data interpretation and research, especially when analyzing problems and recommending and implementing solutions for clients within the health-care profession.

I would like to personally help others solve their managed-care problems. My goal is to bring experience in health toward solving today’s healthcare problems. Recent healthcare provider mergers and the challenges within the structure of other providers have major implications for delivering efficient healthcare to the public while attempting to minimize the costs of health.

My skills and experience will enable me to help address these current challenges. I would like to arrange an interview to discuss trends in health care consulting, the role of Mayfield, Worthington & Metts, Inc.,
as a leader, and the contribution I can make to this dynamic industry. I appreciate your time and consideration and will contact you to discuss this opportunity in the near future.

Maria Roberts
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