Guarantee letter for visa application sample

Here is sample guarantee letter for visa application. This guarantee is granted to visa applicant by the hosting institution to support his application in order to get Visa.

)Mr/Ms/Dr/Prof)  (Full Name )is affiliated with (Institution name, address)  as (position)

The (Institution name) is supporting (Mr/Ms/Dr/Prof) ( Full Name ) visit to the  European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering in New York (United States)  on October  5-10, 2014 and United States in the period of (arrival-date – departure date)

(The Institution name) guarantees that all costs of the stay of <(/Ms/Dr/Prof  Full Name )  in United States , including unpredictable costs will be covered by the applicant or by (Institution name(.

Institution name

(Legal institution representative (name- telephone-email))
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