Formal acceptance letter to author for final preparation

This is a template of formal acceptance letter to author for iel journal's final preparation. Customize this letter to be useful for your purpose.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Congratulation!!!  According to my record, your manuscript, entitled )"title of the paper"), has been accepted for publication in the VIPJournal.  For the pre-publication preparation, please read carefully the document of IEL Final Preparation and Copyright Release at { VIPJournal website} to access the resources you need for preparing the reference styles and the final complete package.  When you save your manuscript into an MS-Word file, please use your Paper ID (see the Ref: line above) as the file name.  For our production schedule, please submit your complete package to the appropriate editor within 14 calendar days.  You may check the Tables of Contents of this Journal  to see { VIPJournal website link} whether your manuscript will appear in the upcoming issues.

Normally, the pre-publication process takes up to six months.  During this period, galley proofs will be sent to you for checking and corrections purposes.  The galley proofs must be returned to IEL within 7 calendar days.  Furthermore, you are responsible for any error in the published paper due to your oversight.

Thank you very much for submitting your article to the VIPJournal.  We look forward to receiving the electronic file of your final manuscript.

Best regards,
Jack Roberts
VIPJournal Editor

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