Final warning letter for rental payment

This is a sample final warning letter for rental payment. It is recommended that you change the content of this letter in order to meet your purpose.

Adam J. Anderson
8127 Highland House
837 Palm Drive, California
December, 2013

Subject: Final warning against non-payment of rent

Dear Mr Anderson,

You have not been paying the rent since the last two months and you have a due of $2,500. Nine days of this month has also passed by and I have not received any rent from you this time too. In spite of repeated warnings, it seems to be no change in your situation. Please take this as a final warning notice, whereby if you do not pay the total rent by the day after tomorrow, you will have to vacate this apartment.

I have many tenants who are willing to pay even more for this apartment and I do not want to hear your excuses any more. You are aware of the terms and conditions and not paying the rent for so long is a clear violation of those terms.

Yours truly,
Alex K. Roberts

1456  Highland House,
986 Palm Drive, California
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