Disciplinary warning letter to employee

The following is disciplinary warning letter template.You should perform your own modifications according to your purpose.

Adam J. Anderson
G-9 Ernst villa building
New York
15 February 2014

Dear Mr. Anderson

Subject: Disciplinary warning letter

This letter is to bring to your attention that there have been many inappropriate aspects which have been noticed in your work performance and overall behaviour in office. The most striking factor was your absence from office on 8 occasions in a span of two months. Moreover you have been found to submit work reports quite late which cannot be accepted in any way.

You can consider this as the last and formal warning from my end, after which we would be forced to take a difficult decision in the favour of the office. If you are facing any kind of difficulty which you would like to talk about or discuss, then you are completely welcomed to do so.

But there is no place for any misbehaviour of any kind in our firm, so please take notice of that.

Yours sincerely
Alex K. Roberts
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