Cover Letter for Training Executive Position

This is a an example of cover letter for training executive position with experience. You have to customize this cover letter template to your experience and qualifications.

Sandra Roberts
15 Cirrus Blvd.
Roswell, NM 77213
Phone: 2014.555.1478
Cell: 221.555.3531
FAX: 221.555.4285

March 17, 2014
Sara Daniel
Adam Hamilton Financial Services
Adam Hamilton Place
Boston, MA 03125

Dear Ms. Daniel:

I’d like to bring my success as a senior-level manager and trainer to Adam Hancock in the Senior Site Training Manager position you are currently advertising I am a professional trainer, facilitator, consultant, and educator with 14+ years of experience in Performance and Training that is solidly grounded in creating a
positive learning environment by building a high degree of rapport with participants, thus facilitating lasting change. I have successfully conceptualizeddeveloped, and implemented innovative training programs that responded quickly to emerging needs and trends. I consistently ensure acquisition and enhancement
of skills and competencies, implement performance support activities, function as the single point of contact for all of the site’s training and development needs – and much more.

I am known for my enthusiastic and engaging training style. I interact well with everyone from front-line workers to top executives, and I have the leadership skills to inspire and motivate. My diverse and broad-based background has sharpened my organizational and analytical skills.

As a strong interpersonal communicator, I have consistently built rapport in my training programs. My goal is simple; I invite people into the heart of transformation by creating a connection through their passion, their purpose, and their unlimited potential. I am convinced that Adam Hancock’s Training, Learning and Performance Solutions Group could benefit from my ability to coax the best out of people.

I’m no stranger to Adam Hancock, having conducted a cultural profile on financial services companies nationwide, thus providing consumer bank leaders with feedback and data to help them to clarify the direction for strategic planning. This work was so successful that our consulting practice, Colorado
River Consulting, was entrusted to participate in a worldwide change effort.

I’d like to meet with you to discuss again adding value to Adam Hamilton as I’ve done for my previous employers and clients. I’ll contact you soon to arrange a meeting.

Should you wish to reach me before then, please contact me using the information atop this letter.

Sandra Roberts
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