Cover Letter for Offshore Banking/Investments Executive position

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Adel Abelhadi
P. O. Box 97612, Kuwait
Home phone: 971(6)8524362 • Cellular phone: 971(6)4301540 • E-mail: adelhadi125(at)

February 14, 2013
Giorgio Panescu
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited - Kuwait
G/1/2 Floors, Al-Kharafi Tower,
Kuwait City, Kuwait
P O Box 1683, Safat 13017

Dear Mr. Panescu:

Could HSBC Bank Middle East Limited benefit from a strong financial officer? I am a successful professional and highly competent team member with a background of extensive hands-on experience in key areas of interest your organization. I’ve attained considerable success during 13 years of professional offshore banking and investment industry experience, and I’d like to bring that success to HSBC Bank Middle East Limited.

Your company represents an opportunity for me to leverage my analytical, presentation, interpersonal, and computer skills to actively contribute to management reporting, control reporting, statutory reporting, risk analysis, project evaluation and budgeting, along with extensive audit relationships. I am uniquely qualified to enhance your firm’s success. Among my qualifications and skills that should meet your needs:

Solid international perspective and educational background: My MBA is from one of the top five schools in the UK, and I have sat for the CFA Level I exams. I attained my undergraduate education in the United States and have excelled in positions in the Middle East.
Strong forecasting skills, along with the ability to predict, set goals, and budget: I have, for example, initiated a comprehensive 66-page Excel package for a five-year budgeting process.
Effective problem-solving skills: I can contribute a proven track record for identifying problems and needs, gathering and analyzing information, and pinpointing resources.
Finely honed quantitative skills: I am highly familiar with all the essential quantitative tools and techniques, having studied and applied them in my MBA and CFA Level I studies, as well as in my professional career.
Strong ability to collaborate with others: I am a strong team player with enthusiasm and drive who is reliable and committed to the highest work ethics.
Through my experience and educational background, I have gained comprehensive knowledge of effective business practices that yield bottom-line results, as well as an understanding of organizational strategy.
This knowledge, combined with my commitment to excellence, as well as my ability to write concisely and promote change proactively, would be of great value to your firm.

The achievements outlined in my résumé are indicative of the quality and caliber of my professional background. Within a short time of your receiving this letter, I’ll contact you personally to arrange a faceto-face meeting. I am looking forward to meeting with you and bringing my talents to HSBC Bank Middle East Limited.

Should you wish to reach me in the meantime, you may contact me at 971(6)8524362 or 971(6)4301540

Adel Abelhadi

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