Cover letter for legal counsel position

This is a sample cover letter for legal counsel position with experience. You should customize this cover letter according to your experience and qualifications.

Maria Hamilton
350 Innisbrook Drive, Bethesda, MD 31518 • Phone: 314-555-4598 • E-Mail:

March 10, 2013
Sandra Anderson
Legal Department
Health ND-G Associates
12501 I St. NW
Washington, DC 20002-4340

Dear Ms. Anderson:

My pertinent health-care law experience offers me an outstanding opportunity to make a positive contribution to Health ND-G Associates in the legal counsel position you are currently announcing. I am also interested in the advertised position of in-house attorney.

The diversity of my more than 12-year legal background – as an attorney,  paralegal and law clerk – would enable me to bring uniquely well-rounded experience to the several areas of law a legal counsel needs to handle, including health law, patient-care issues, Medicare policy, general health plan  issues, commercial transactions, and intellectual property.

The following qualifications should be of particular
interest to Health ND-G Associates:
- Experience in and the versatility to handle diverse areas of law, including trademark, copyright, and patents, labor and employment, clinical ethics issues, and many more, as I know I may be called upon to contribute outside the area to which I am assigned.
- Progressive responsibility throughout my career. Even as a paralegal, I took the initiative to handle functions typically assigned to new attorneys.
- Exceptional expertise in medical, legal, regulatory analysis/compliance in health care and clinical-research ethics, as well as experience in collaborating with committee members on the ethics advisory and policy subcommittee of Veteran Affairs Capital Area Health Care System to educate and advise the hospital, health care providers, and other interested parties regarding the ethical implications of health-care policy and practice issues.

In my current position at Riley, Kiley & Rhett, P.S., my practice focuses on health and health-care law, including health-care litigation, regulatory and reimbursement, fraud and abuse, and employment matters. I am well acquainted with many members of your Legal Department, and in turn, many there are familiar with my firm’s work and my own.

I am also accustomed to interacting at the corporate level, having, for example, worked closely with the in-house legal department of a three-hospital group similar to Health ND-G in a mental-health case I’m currently involved with. While handling numerous cases relating to health-care law, I have interfaced with in-house legal departments for hospitals and regional medical centers such as Health ND-G and tackled employment-related issues typical of hospital and academic medical center settings.
I am enthusiastic to bring to Health ND-G the finely honed legal skills that would enable me to advise on such multiple facets of law as health law, intellectual property, and transactional issues.

I am convinced that my qualifications and your needs are a great fit, and it would be in both our best interests to meet. I can make myself available for an appointment at your earliest convenience, and I will contact you soon to arrange a meeting. Please also feel free to contact me using the information atop this letter.

Maria Hamilton
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