Cover letter for CIO Information Technology Executive Position

Here is a sample cover letter for "CIO/Information Technology Executive" position with experience. You have to modify this cover letter format according to your experience and qualifications.
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March 8, 2013
Victoria Weatherly
CIO Search
University System of Maryland
3300 Metzerott Road
Adelphi, MD 20783-1690

Dear Ms. Weatherly:

Thank you for your letter and accompanying materials of February. 27, 2013. I appreciate your acceptance of my resume for the position of CIO for the University System of Maryland. Given that my resume was forwarded to you before the position was posted, I would like to take this opportunity to send the balance of the materials you require for application to the CIO position.

USM’s needs for a System Chief Information Officer coincide with my background, skills, and experience. Your ad particularly details the core requirements of my current position as Chief of Staff and recent position as Deputy Chief Information Officer for National Contractors in which I have enjoyed significant success.

I have built on my distinctive background in information technology leadership by developing exceptional expertise in managing large-scale technology projects, consistently delivering results within time and budget constraints, and developing teams to produce innovative solutions in bureaucratic environments. For example, I successfully executed CIO operations of a 3,000-person, $500 million Superfund Toxic-Dump Cleanup Project. The parallels between your requirements and my ongoing contributions for municipalities in Maryland are remarkable.

As an alumnus of the University of Maryland, I offer a clear understanding of USM’s mission. My goal is to uphold that mission by providing exceptional leadership in planning, training, and directing USM’s information technology functions through my keen grasp of the academic culture of higher education. I will bring a proven record of success in, project management, process improvement, and streamlining systems, facilitated through exploitation of emerging technologies.

My vision is to support learning and excellence in teaching and research, implementing technology to deliver solutions that support the System’s IT and telecommunications functions while enhancing security and business continuity. I will meet higher-education requirements while developing strategies driven by USM’s mission, objectives, and goals. I consistently conceptualize future needs and solutions by adapting and evolving to meet current demands and sudden shifts in priorities.

I envision a forward-looking staff that maintains a leadership role in harnessing information technologies to meet the USM community’s diverse services and information needs and to support student and faculty quests for information and
knowledge. I am committed to forging and maintaining relationships that support and realize strategic goals. I will strive to promote a culture of innovation, flexibility, integrity and unity while committing the IT team to service goals that
facilitate harmony and partnership between the campuses and system office IT shops.

I am confident that I can lead USM’s information technology systems into the future. I appreciate your consideration and would welcome the opportunity for an interview to more fully demonstrate the fit between my background and USM’s goals.

Sami Agate
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