Conference Welcome Letter Template

Sample Conference Welcome Letter template. You should do your own changes on this letter according to your purpose.

Sandra Aniston
H-80, second floor
Martha tower
5th February 2014

Dear Ms. Sandra

Subject: Welcoming you to the conference

On behalf of the entire organisation of the 25th Annual Cancer conference, I welcome you to the said conference. This conference has been in existence for 24 years and has entered its 25th year with the promise of bringing down the level of cancer deaths in the world. It is our pleasure to serve this kind of an international event and is grateful to you for being part of this initiative.

This conference will go on for 5 days and would see a series of back to back workshops and performances. So, plan your presence to these different events by having a look at the conference brochure. You would have to have your ID card with you at all times during the conference.

Welcoming you again

Thanking you
Adam K. Anderson
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