Company Welcome Letter Template

Here is a free sample welcome letter to Delta Investment Company. You should perform your own modifications according to your purpose.

Delta Investment Company opened its doors for business in 1998 with the unique mission to provide a highly personalized approach to helping investors grow and preserve their wealth, prepare for retirement and transfer their estates to establish lasting legacies and provide for the financial security of future generations.

Everything we do is built on a powerful, lasting personal relationship with you. As a Delta Investment Company client, you have direct access to experienced senior trust officers who work with you through every aspect of estate planning, from getting started and structuring a plan, to strategy execution and management to help ensure your current and future wishes are met.

We work closely within your trusted network of professionals, including financial consultants, attorneys and accountants, to help ensure that your wealth accumulation, asset protection and distribution plans are carried out to the highest professional standards and in an orderly and cost-effective manner. We prefer to work with, instead of compete against, the professionals you trust to help you attain your goals.

Our relationship is the cornerstone of our success together and the trust you place in us is the standard by which we measure our value as we work to help you build a lasting legacy that spans generations. We look forward to achieving a great business with you.

Alex K. Roberts
President and Chief Trust Officer
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