Church Welcome Letter template

Sample Church Welcome Letter template. You should do your own changes on this letter according to your purpose.

Sandra Aniston
25-H, Forth floor
Potter building
5th February 2014

Dear Mr. Aniston

Subject: Church welcome letter

At the door of God, everybody is welcomed with open arms. At St Maria’s Church, London, you are welcome as a new visitor. I, on behalf of all the priests associated with the working association of this church welcome you to our society which conducts Church services on a regular basis. At St Maria’s everyone is an equal and a child of Jesus.

We organise Sunday prayer recitals every week and wish to welcome you in the church on every Sunday at 8 am. You shall be regularly informed about the various activities organised by us through sms message service so please drop in your mobile number in the reply to this welcome letter.

Hope to see you as much as we can in the future. May god bless you.

Welcome again

Yours faithfully
Adam K. Anderson

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