Sample complaint letter about repair of vehicle

The following letter of complaint template is used for complaining that your vehicle is not repaired well and you also request an apology from the company .

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:
Your service department has been unable to properly repair the [part or system] on my car, and I need your help to resolve the situation.

On [date], I dropped off my car, a [Vehicle Make and Model], to have its [part or system] replaced. When I picked up the car, your employee assured me that it was in complete working order. Thus, I paid $[amount], only to find that your employees did not make the repairs, and the [part or system] still doesn’t operate. I spoke with [Name], your service manager, who told me, "We've done the best we could. Take it elsewhere if you're not happy."

I'm certainly not happy, and I expect your dealership to fix the car properly. I've paid you $[amount] to complete the job and I will not be satisfied until you return the car to me in perfect working order.

I expect three things:
1.  Prompt repair of my car's [part or system] at no additional cost to me
2.  A free rental car for my use while my car is in the shop
3.  An apology from your dealership for the rudeness of your employee

Your company's lack of service and professionalism is unacceptable to me. You may reach me at [phone number and email ] to discuss this matter further. I expect to hear from you by [date].
[Your Name]

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