Sample apology letter for poor service with with gift certificate

Here is a sample apology letter to a customer who complained about bad service of your company. A gift certificate is enclosed in order to encourage the customer to come again.

Dear Sir/ Madam
I am so sorry to learn of your unhappy parking situation at our restaurant last Tuesday. We do indeed have valet parking, but only on Saturday evenings. However, we are always happy to take care of customers like you who want valet parking at other times.

Enclosed is a gift certificate inviting you to dinner with our compliments. If you will kindly call and let us know you are coming, we will make sure that valet parking is available for you. In fact, any customer who phones ahead can have valet parking any time.

I apologize again for your inconvenience and hope that this will clear up any misunderstanding. We value your patronage and hope that your future meals with us will be fine dining experiences.


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