Apology Letter for Bad Hotel Service

Sample Apology Letter for Bad Hotel Service


The Manager,

Super Star Hotel.

Respected Sir/Madam,


The Customer Name,

Room No. 123,

Super Star Hotel.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Sub: Apology for bad hotel service- reg.

I am highly disappointed that our incautious behavior about the abundant requisites of workers at the day of the tourist importance has caused a negative impact on your experience of stay for the past three days of stay in our hotel.

But actually we were prepared for the day with an estimate of the number of people who would check-in to stay in our hotel and have had sufficient number of workers to serve our customers.

Unfortunately, at the time you have checked in, an unforeseen number of people have come to stay in our hotel as they had no other go. Since we have an unplanned number of customers, the customer to workers ratio has become a weaker one which led to the medium to low quality of service to you during your stay in our hotel.

I humbly request you to reconsider that the inconveniences that you were up to is not limited only to our customers at your room number where you have stayed for the past three days. But also to all the people who have stayed in our hotel during that period.

I admit that our unpreparedness is the major cause of your miseries during your stay. Once again, I being the person responsible for the administration and other related activities of this hotel, humbly plead you to leave us some suggestions so that it would be helpful to us for taking these issues to the management for providing more comfort to our customers at least hereafter.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

The Manager,

uper Star Hotel.

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lee woo said...

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